Thursday, 19 September 2013

Can DNA Help Combat Counterfeits?

Counterfeit electronic components are continually edging their way into the US military supply chain. Previously, specific missile systems, aircraft, and combat support systems had all been identified by the Senate to contain counterfeit parts.

In 2012 the Senate approved an amendment that requires large defense contractors to establish systems for detecting and avoiding counterfeits, in the hope that this will help deal with the crisis.

Applied DNA Sciences, a security technology firm based in New York, have patented a technology called SigNature® DNA in which real plant DNA is used as a unique and fool proof way of verification.

The plant DNA is used to create a unique mark on the component which cannot be copied and will not wash off, even in aggressive industrial treatment baths.

Applied DNA Sciences state that “hundreds and of millions of Signature DNA marks now exist in the public domain on items ranging from consumer product packaging to microcircuits to guitars and none have ever been copied.”

SigNature® DNA is currently the only anti-counterfeiting technology currently funded by the Defense Logistics Agency, the agency that manages the military supply chain.

Let us know what you think, can DNA testing path the way for combating counterfeits?

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